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The Avaya Portfolio: UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS


Widely regarded as one of the most powerful communication vendors in the world, Avaya has made quite a name for itself over the years. Today, Avaya stands as the number one provider of contact center solutions worldwide. It also has more than 90,000 customers across 190 countries, 4,300 patents granted worldwide, and 8,000 channel partners and agents spread across the globe.

Though Avaya started life as a simple communications vendor, it has evolved drastically in recent years, expanding its portfolio to include a multitude of different tools for cloud-based communications, customer experience, and collaboration.

What’s more, Avaya serves companies from all walks of life. Companies can leverage Avaya technologies for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid services. There’s even a robust catalog of hardware devices available specifically for Avaya customers.

Avaya Solutions: What Does Avaya Do?

Avaya is a comprehensive multinational technology company, offering a range of services revolving around communications, collaboration, and the cloud. According to the organization, every minute, Avaya supports:

  • 90,000 people in video calls
  • 2.6 million chat sessions
  • 3.75 million customer calls
  • 700,000 chat sessions
  • 14.5 million simultaneous phone calls
  • 2.9 million audio conference calls

While Avaya’s portfolio of solutions and products is constantly evolving, the core focus areas of the company today fall into a few key categories:

The Avaya Experience Platform

Designed as an all-in-one CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) solution for the modern age of customer service, the Avaya Experience Platform is an omnichannel CX tool. The platform allows companies to connect with their clients across every channel, from voice, and video to chat and messaging, and comes with a host of advanced features such as:

  • AI speech analytics and noise removal
  • Attribute-based routing for rapid customer service
  • Workforce engagement tools with live coaching and in-call monitoring
  • Automation and self-service capabilities
  • Sentiment analysis for customer conversations
  • Reporting and analytics for all customer contact moments
  • Workforce scheduling, management, and optimization

The Avaya Experience Platform is available to customize according to the needs of any business, with modular functionality for monitoring, interaction recording, agent desktops and more. Users can leverage “bring your own carrier” functionality to add phone services from the vendor of their choice. Plus, you can create separate employee and supervisor desktops for each team member.

You can embed Avaya desktop technology into your CRM and other back office tools, and use visual workflow orchestration features to automate common tasks. There’s also in-depth access to voice bots, reporting, analytics, and unique security tools.

Avaya UCaaS

The Avaya all-in-one cloud communications platform empowers businesses to access incredible productivity with quick, continuous collaboration and communications. Avaya’s “UCaaS” offering combines a variety of different digital tools into an all-in-one ecosystem for in-office, remote, and hybrid teams. As part of the comprehensive kit, you’ll gain access to:

Avaya Cloud Office (by RingCentral)

Avaya Cloud Office is a comprehensive UCaaS workflow application designed to bring teams together. Users can access the service from any device in any location, and collaborate with teams and customers across a variety of digital and traditional channels.

Avaya cloud office supports video and audio conferencing, chat, and scheduled meetings, as well as a full spectrum of AI applications, automation tools, and customizable workflows. You can support multiple devices on a single number for easy communications, and allow users to switch between desk and mobile phones in seconds.

There’s directory integration and one-touch dialing for rapid workplace efficiency, as well as support for internet fax, document sharing, call logs, multi-level IVR, unlimited audio conferencing, on-demand call recording and countless other features. You can even integrate with popular tools like Office 365, G-Suite, and Slack.

Avaya Spaces

Avaya Spaces is the dedicated Avaya application for collaboration.

The powerful tool makes it easy to synchronize teams across a distributed environment, with chat, file sharing, and project management capabilities built in. With Avaya Spaces, companies can create video conferencing meetings with up to 1,000 participants per session. There’s also cloud storage and unlimited file sharing on some plans, as well as desktop and application sharing.

Other features of Avaya Spaces include:

  • Chat and messaging
  • Task management
  • Integrations with Google, Outlook, Slack, and Microsoft Teams
  • AI noise removal
  • 1-to-1 video calling
  • Avaya Enterprise calling integration
  • User management by domain
  • Dial-in meeting access
  • Meeting recordings

Avaya CPaaS

Ranked a major player in the CPaaS market by leading analysts like Gartner and Forrester, Avaya helps companies to build comprehensive and customizable communication experiences. The powerful CPaaS platform allows companies to rapidly integrate powerful AI capabilities and data-driven automation functionality into enterprise workflows, without having to replace existing infrastructure.

Not only does Avaya offer a host of APIs and integration options available for countless communication strategies, but the company also offers a range of specialist solutions for specific verticals. For instance, there are specific CPaaS solutions designed for healthcare, finance and banking teams, and the public sector.

With Avaya CPaaS, companies can build and integrate apps with ease, building a platform that supports virtually every communication medium you can imagine, such as SMS, MMS, voice, video, and messaging. Just some of the options available include:

  • Automatic speech recognition to simplify IVR processes
  • SIP registration to connect your existing infrastructure to the cloud
  • Text to speech with over 20 supported languages
  • Global phone number support, as well as toll-free numbers for 40 countries
  • Conferencing functionality for voice and video
  • Call analytics for real-time insights into every call with billing, tracking and background data
  • Transcription (hybrid, automatic, keyword, and near-real-time options)
  • Voice effects to augment temp, pitch, bitrate and octaves
  • Interactive voice response menus for self-service opportunities
  • Split channel cord recording across every communication channel
  • Caller identity management with masking in each call
  • Inbound call processing in a developer-friendly format
  • Embedded AI in any conversation with providers like Google Cloud and IBM Watson
  • Call tracking for lead nurturing campaigns

Avaya also has a comprehensive REST API which allows brands to easily integrate voice and calling capabilities into their existing mobile, web, and enterprise apps. As an added bonus, companies can also purchase local and toll-free numbers from Avaya complete online, with no provisioning required and one-click enablement.

Plus, Avaya also has a selection of API tools available for building custom messaging apps. You can even leverage worldwide carrier lookup services for insights on call origins.

Avaya Specialist Services and Support

Alongside a host of UCaaS, CCaaS, and CPaaS solutions, Avaya also offers a broad range of services intended to help every business make the most of their digital transformation. Whether you need help with the cloud, AI, CX, or mobility, there’s a team of experts on hand to help you achieve your goals. In fact, Avaya has 24/7 service available in 16 languages across 42 countries.

The company offers:

  • Professional services to help you define and implement the best communications plan
  • Managed services to assist you in running the most effective communications strategy
  • Support services to ensure you never have to deal with technical issues alone
  • Learning services with in-depth training for all of your Avaya solutions

Avaya can even help you with implementation support, to ensure all of your cloud-based software and existing investment work seamlessly together. The company also has its own dedicated collection of hardware devices built for remote, hybrid, and in-office work. You can explore the full device catalog on the company’s website, or contact the team for step-by-step guidance on which products to pick.

Is Avaya the Right Vendor For You?

Quickly making waves as one of the most comprehensive and reliable suppliers of communication solutions in the modern market, Avaya is a perfect partner for a host of digital transformation projects. Whether you’re looking to enhance your contact center, expand your UCaaS strategy, or unlock the potential of CPaaS, there’s something for every brand in the Avaya portfolio.