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What Is A Technology Advisor?


Technology investment is accelerating at an incredible rate. Before the pandemic struck, most companies gradually implemented new and improved digital initiatives at a relatively slow place, upgrading tools naturally as they became outdated. Since 2020 however, a seismic shift has occurred in the way organizations are accessing new technology.

According to leading analysts like Deloitte, the pandemic has significantly increased technology spending budgets among businesses from every industry. What’s more, a greater demand for digital transformation is pushing companies to explore new concepts they may not fully understand, from CCaaS and UCaaS, to SDWAN.

In this evolving landscape, a new and crucial partner has begun to emerge in the business world, committed to helping brands navigate their new digital strategy: the technology advisor.

What is a Technology Advisor?

Developed as a crucial consultant for the age of digital transformation, technology advisors are companies, agencies or individuals dedicated to guiding employees through their technical strategies.

Essentially, these professionals are experts with a deep understanding of various types of technology. Some will focus on specialist areas like AI and machine learning, while others can aid with a range of connected initiatives like:

·      Data and cloud services

·      Security and disaster recovery

·      Hosting and content management

·      Sustainable IT and transformation

·      Voice (UCaaS, CCaaS, and SDWAN)

Technology advisors aren’t just consultants, however. These professionals can also be vital partners in the development and implementation of digital transformation initiatives. Many technology providers can assist companies with choosing the right services or tools for their technology strategy. They can also work alongside vendors and partners to help configure the best deal for clients.

What Does a Technology Advisor Do?

The exact services of a technology advisor can vary depending on the organization you choose to work with. The core purpose of these companies is to help you plan and implement the right technology investments. They can assist with auditing your existing technology strategy, and highlighting areas where investment or upgrades are necessary.

Technology advisors work with companies to “future proof” their technology suite. They can help with planning for unpredictable changes in the business landscape or customer demand. In many cases, they also help with various services like implementation. Some of the common services offered by a technology advisor may include:

·      Auditing technology stacks and defining a business’s digital goals

·      Selecting the right developers, tools, vendors, or services for company targets

·      Planning the implementation and providing documentation for training initiatives

·      Implementing the product or providing access to external services for setup

·      Providing technical direction throughout the purchasing process

·      Negotiating with vendors or partners to help companies get the best deal

When companies work with a technology advisor, they don’t just get access to expertise and insight into the technology landscape. The right company can also provide clients with access to a range of service providers and vendors, ready to adapt their offerings to suit the customer’s needs.

How are Technology Advisors Helpful?

Most companies today are aware they need to upgrade and transform their technology stack at a much faster pace than they previously expected. Unfortunately, the rush to digitally transform can open the door to a number of costly errors and issues. Without the right guidance, it’s easy to invest in tools which fail to deliver the right benefits.

A technology advisor helps companies to sidestep these common problems, by providing expert guidance through every step of the purchasing process. Leading technology advisors put the customer at the heart of their strategy, taking a collaborative and consultative approach to delivering results.

Whether you’re implementing a new SD-WAN and SASE strategy, or upgrading your communication stack, a technology advisor can help by:

·      Analyzing your technology requirements: Advisors will engage in meaningful discussions with your business to assess your current technology gaps and your future goals. This will help to pinpoint all the areas where you may need to invest in new technology. By assessing all of the available information, advisors can ensure you don’t miss any important considerations when purchasing new tools.

·      Guiding you towards the right technology: An advisor will ensure you know exactly what your business really needs to achieve crucial outcomes with the right technology. They can direct you away from low-value investments, and introduce you to the correct tools, services, or solutions for your company.

·      Future-proofing the business: Technology advisors don’t just consider what your business might need in the moment when offering guidance. The right companies will also work with you to consider your future needs and plan for ongoing business growth.

Do You Need a Technology Advisor?

As the demand for technology continues to evolve in today’s rapidly transforming landscape, having the right support on-hand for your investments is crucial. A technology advisor will help your business to sidestep potential mistakes, and unlock new opportunities with your tech strategies. The right company will help you to optimize every technology purchase.