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Data Networking

Exceptional connectivity is crucial for all businesses in today’s digitally transforming world. Wavelength services enable companies to unlock the benefits of high bandwidth gigabit ethernet network connections, easily configurable on a carrier’s network.

With Wavelength solutions, organisations can take advantage of new market opportunities, and meet the challenges posed by rising bandwidth demands and requirements.

Reliable and Secure Business Connectivity

As businesses shift more of their operations and resources into the digital world, bandwidth and network connectivity requirements are evolving. Traditional cloud and data centre connectivity solutions can’t always scale rapidly to meet the demands of evolving businesses.

With Wavelength services, companies can access secure and scalable connectivity, for their most demanding workloads. These high-performance solutions provide exceptional reliability, and the highest levels of service availability for growing organisations.

What’s more, redundant and diverse network architecture solutions allow users to choose the resilience solution best-suited to their requirements for cost, performance, and security.

The Benefits of Wavelength Services

With Wavelength services from PrimeTel, companies can take advantage of a carrier’s core network, with a simple path for future scalability. It’s possible to create a bespoke network solution, with various options for protection, geographically diverse route selection and redundancy.

Additionally, Wavelength services offer benefits such as:

  • Exceptional security

    Dedicated bandwidth solutions provide businesses with private, scalable connections, ideal for supporting data-sensitive applications and resources.

  • Capacity

    Wavelength services support the secure transportation of large workloads for data centres and other resources, with ultra-low latency and high capacity connectivity.

  • Resiliency

    With a variety of options for resiliency and redundancy, companies can benefit from more reliable, robust network connections.

How PrimeTel Can Help

PrimeTel works with leading connectivity and networking vendors, to deliver exceptional ethernet solutions of up to 100 gigabits instantly. We offer access to more than 850 third-party data centers, more than any other provider, alongside independently verified TeleGeography.

Contact PrimeTel today to learn more about our Wavelength solutions.

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