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Software Defined – Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

Data Networking

Software Defined Wide Area Networking, or “SDWAN” services provide companies with access to a virtual WAN architecture, supporting a range of transport services for connecting users and applications. Using SDWAN, companies can programmatically configure and manage the essential connections between networks, using a centralized ecosystem.

In today’s evolving connectivity landscape, SDWAN offers broader control over network traffic management, greater agility, and improved productivity.

Flexible and Scalable Networking Solutions

SDWAN services represent the next generation of networking solutions for modern businesses and teams. Traditional WANs can present a host of problems in today’s digital environment, causing delays with standard backhauling practices and limited performance results.

As companies continue to rely more heavily on cloud and SaaS solutions to enable agility, traditional WAN solutions don’t provide the flexibility and scalability businesses need.

With SDWAN, however, companies can establish powerful networking environments, unlocking the perfect balance of low costs, high performance, and consistent reliability. SDWAN can even assist companies in monitoring and preserving the health of every network link.

The Benefits of SDWAN services

SDWAN solutions allow cloud-first and digitally transforming enterprises to deliver a better quality of experience to users, through a variety of unique tools and features. SDWAN technologies offer a centralised control environment, with multi-connection and transport solutions, dynamic path selection, and secure policy-based management.

Benefits of SDWAN technologies include:

  • Cost savings

    Companies can reduce costs with transport independence and flexibility across all connection types, based on distinct network and application needs.

  • Improved performance

    Dynamic path selection and centralised control systems give organisations the power to enhance connections for teams connecting to the cloud.

  • Optimised user experience

    With SDWAN solutions, companies can improve user experience and performance for SaaS solutions and cloud-based applications.

  • Simplified operations

    Automated and cloud-based management tools, located in a centralised environment reduce the need to manage distributed systems.

  • Policy based management

    SDWAN technologies support Quality of Service, and help to reduce business interruptions and downtime.

How PrimeTel Can Help

PrimeTel works with leading networking vendors and connectivity providers to help businesses of all sizes access the right solutions for their SDWAN needs. We can work with you to find a secure and reliable solution for network transformation that matches your budget and industry.

Contact PrimeTel today to explore the benefits of SDWAN.

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