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Password Security Manager

Cyber Security

Strong, reliable passwords remain essential to any security strategy. However, as the number of digital resources and tools employees use each day continues to grow, creating and managing new, complex passwords for every service is growing more complicated.

A password manager gives users an effective way to manage all of their crucial passwords and usernames, with a single security key. Improving productivity, efficiency, and security.

The Importance of Password Managers

Around 35% of people use the same password for almost all of their online logins. While remembering multiple different passwords can be difficult, using the same code for everything increases the risk of a data breach. If a criminal can access one service an employee uses, they may be able to unlock all of their other tools and resources too.

Password managers make it easier for employees to adhere to privacy and security regulations in any business environment. The right solutions minimise the work of having to remember dozens of different passwords and usernames, while strengthening access controls.

Some solutions even feature innovative tools allowing companies to create custom policies, automate user management, and track security reports across the digital landscape.

The Benefits of a Password Manager

Password managers are quickly becoming an essential tool for modern cybersecurity strategies. They allow users to create secure, frequently-changing passwords for their most essential tools, without requiring them to remember complex keystroke combinations.

Tools like LastPass deliver benefits like:

  • Simplicity

    Password managers do all the work of creating, remembering, and even entering passwords into tools, so employees can focus on their tasks. The solutions come with plug-and-play integrations for leading tools, making them easy for IT teams to leverage.

  • Collaboration

    With tools like LastPass, collaborative teams can securely share access to passwords and other content, without having to worry about privacy issues. They can also revoke access to passwords instantly.

  • Comprehensive controls

    Password managers come with access to various customizable security policies, detailed reporting logs, and other tools to improve IT administration. With these simple solutions, businesses can rapidly boost security and compliance strategies.

How PrimeTel Can Help

Partnering with innovators in the password management industry, like LastPass, PrimeTel gives business owners an excellent opportunity to discover the benefits of password management for themselves. With these simple and powerful tools you can secure your team in no time.

Contact PrimeTel now to learn more about our password management solutions.

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