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Most customers still prefer calling companies when they need guidance or assistance. Inbound, freephone (toll-free), shared cost, and premium rate numbers are how companies ensure they remain accessible to every potential contact.

Businesses can create custom lines to handle everything from local inquiries to tech support calls, complaints, and even purchases. Plus, with a single web-based interface, you can manage your numbers from anywhere in the world.

The Importance of Inbound Calling Solutions

Even in a world where colleagues and customers can communicate with businesses through a host of different platforms, calling remains essential. The phone call is still one of the most effective ways to convey information and connect with another human being.

However, managing an inbound phone strategy can be complex, particularly for a growing business. Ensuring every team member can access the right resources, from shared lines to auto attendants, regardless of where they are, may be tricky.

Even choosing the right numbers, from local numbers to toll-free and international numbers, can be a complex process without the right assistance. That’s why business leaders rely on telephony experts, to provide access to a secure, customisable ecosystem for inbound calling.

The Benefits of Our Inbound Calling Services

Working with leading providers and partners from across the globe, PrimeTel offers businesses a convenient way to leverage a variety of numbers and tools for managing call traffic. With these innovative inbound calling solutions, companies can benefit from:

  • Greater control

    Utilize a single environment for managing and monitoring all of your inbound call traffic, no matter how dispersed your business is.

  • Insights

    A suite of tools and automated reports will give you a complete view of how your business numbers are performing, and how call volumes are changing.

  • Global presence

    Collect calls seamlessly from 23 countries in 3 continents, with international or geographical numbers, based on your needs.

  • Cost savings

    Select from a variety of service packages and tariffs to suit your budget, and ensure you’re ready to scale as your business grows.

  • Advanced technology

    Leverage auto attendant and advanced routing systems to improve the flow of call traffic in your ecosystem.

How PrimeTel Can Help

As an innovator in the communications and technology landscape, PrimeTel partners with leading voice providers from across the globe. We offer our customers a variety of service packages and tariffs to choose from, giving them complete control over their inbound voice strategy.

Contact PrimeTel today to request a quote or discuss your options.

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