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Hosted Telephony

Voice Communication

Demand for cloud-based and internet-focused communication tools is increasing, particularly as PSTN and IDSN lines continue to disappear. Hosted telephony solutions provide companies with an agile and scalable ecosystem for communications.

These innovative services can enhance business efficiency and productivity, reduce operational costs, and provide companies with the freedom to scale infinitely.

Overcoming the Limitations of Traditional Comms

Otherwise known as cloud telephony or hosted VoIP, hosted telephony services provide access to a hosted business phone system based in the cloud. The solutions can address all of a company’s voice and communication needs, at an affordable price, with global scalability.

With hosted solutions, communication data is transferred via the internet, minimising the costs of long-distance communication, and providing access to excellent connection visibility. Not only are these solutions excellent for reducing business costs, but they can provide companies with more freedom to support mobile, remote, and hybrid working.

Hosted telephony services are just as dependable as conventional PBX systems, and ensure organisations can stay agile and productive in a digital world.

The Benefits of Hosted Telephony

Hosted telephony services give companies the scalability and agility they need to thrive in a changing communication landscape. Organisations can make changes to their ecosystem instantly, leverage exceptional voice quality on a global scale, and preserve business continuity.

Key benefits include:

  • Cost savings

    Hosted telephony can save companies money by minimising the need for PBX maintenance, and reducing reliance on hardware and internal hosting solutions.

  • Exceptional call quality

    Service providers can deliver exceptional voice quality, with consistent quality assurance and control, supporting users all over the world.

  • Control

    With hosted telephony, companies maintain control over their calls and facilities, and gain the opportunity to support mobility, hybrid, and remote work.

  • Business continuity

    Hosted telephony makes business-quality voice and communication tools available anywhere, allowing for flexible work and continued growth.

How PrimeTel Can Help

By partnering with world-leading communications vendors and hosted telephony resellers around the world, PrimeTel helps countless companies to invest in the next generation of communication solutions. We can assist you in finding a hosted telephony service that meets your specific needs.

Our powerful solutions combine exceptional reliability and call quality, with security, scalability, and advanced feature sets.

Contact PrimeTel today to learn more about our hosted telephony services.

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