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Dedicated Cloud Access

Data Networking

The cloud is at the heart of virtually every digital transformation effort among business leaders today. Dedicated cloud access servers give you comprehensive control over your cloud ecosystem, allowing you to build your own pool of virtual resources, based on your unique needs.

With Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) you can unlock a superior public cloud network experience, improve team productivity, and minimise latency.

Unlocking the True Power of the Cloud

Countless organisations are now reliant on cloud infrastructure to maintain flexibility, agility, and scalability in a digital transforming world. However, not every cloud solution can offer the secure, reliable connection that business leaders need.

Dedicated cloud access helps businesses to get more out of their cloud infrastructure, with advanced security, simplicity, and flexibility. You can keep the benefits of the public cloud, ensuring rapid growth for minimal costs, while unlocking the security and customization offered by more private cloud-based infrastructure solutions.

The Benefits of Dedicated Cloud Access

A dedicated cloud allows companies to add and manage their cloud resources on demand. This means every business leader can ensure peak application performance and network accessibility at all times. The right solution will reduce your network costs, improve bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than most internet-based alternatives.

What’s more, dedicated cloud access solutions promise phenomenal:

  • Simplicity

    The dedicated cloud service offers the same functionality as many flexible cloud services, giving you complete control over your ecosystem from a single console.

  • Flexibility

    Maintain the benefits of the public cloud, while unlocking self-service access to your resources, as well as cost-effective billing based on consumption.

  • Security

    Computing resources and networking tools in a Dedicated Cloud environment are isolated to protect possible issues and unauthorized access, for greater protection.

Plus, the whole experience is seamless. With the right vendor, your public cloud solution will be delivered in sync with your cloud providers, so you can jump into action instantly.

How PrimeTel Can Help

Working with the leading vendors in cloud technology and connectivity, PrimeTel empowers every business to discover the power of dedicated cloud access. We partner with industry innovators like Colt to reduce network costs and improve productivity for businesses of all sizes.

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