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Globalgig SDWAN with Global Managed Services


Demand for SDWAN opportunities continues to grow, as businesses recognize the inefficiencies of traditional WAN ecosystems for dealing with cloud and the SaaS landscape. Currently, the market for SDWAN is expected to reach a value of $8.4 billion by 2024, and it’s even driving the delivery of new offerings, like “SASE” packages.

In a world where agility and flexibility are key, SDWAN solutions give companies more control over how they manage data and bandwidth in an ever-changing network. However, to unlock the best results, brands first need to find the SDWAN vendor suitable for their needs.

Globalgig is a leading innovator in networking technology offering SDWAN solutions promised to suit “every enterprise. Taking an unbiased approach to SDWAN offerings, Globalgig’s technology leverages the analysis of customer application flows, network architecture, and business policies, to ensure custom outcomes for every brand.

Simplifying the Path to SDWAN with Globalgig

Globalgig is a company driven by the desire to deliver “hyperconnectivity” in digitally transforming world. The SDWAN offering provided by Globalgig promises a restriction-free and tailor-made approach, so companies can leverage the solution best-suited to their business.

For instance, Globalgig’s SDWAN solution is not tied to a specific platform, technology, or service supplier, so customers can access a solution engineered specifically for their operating environment.

Globalgig uses a unique approach to building the ideal SDWAN offering for it’s customers, starting with a series of in-depth discovery services orchestrated by networking experts. During the discovery period, Globalgig can assess the ecosystem you have in place for your network already and use that information to create a tailored strategy for WAN connectivity.

The Globalgig team also offers exceptional guidance and support for teams through the provisioning and management process. Users get access to support to help align their technology, design a more valuable network environment, and implement new strategies for policy and security.

The Globalgig Managed SDWAN Service

Recently, Globalgig updated it’s selection of SDWAN service offerings to include the launch of a manged SDWAN ecosystem. The managed service provides even further guidance for companies making the transition into the new cloud, and software-based world of networking.

Customers of Globalgig Managed SDWAN services will gain access to an experienced team of engineers and technology experts with an extensive record for designing and implementing, as well as managing SDWAN services for the large enterprise market.

The Managed SDWAN service is available in three tiers, to give customers more options on how they want to align service solutions with their unique needs. For instance, you can access:

  • Essential: Comprehensive monitoring and visibility services
  • Plus: Device and firmware management, as well as visibility and monitoring services.
  • Premier: Full out-of-band management, monitoring and visibility, and device and firmware management.

The managed SDWAN service is designed to support the dynamic business operating environments of the modern business. With a global support team, you can unlock a full range of services for installing, supporting, and managing your complex, and multi-carrier solutions.

The Benefits of Globalgig Managed SDWAN

Globalgig’s customer-first approach to business shines through in all of the company’s SDWAN offerings. Whatever you choose for your SDWAN solution, the Globalgig team will work with you to bring the expertise, experience, and technology you need into your digital transformation initiative.

With the Globalgig Managed SDWAN offering, companies can leverage a staff of certified networking engineers across the globe, dedicated to making sure their global, multi-location, and domestic networks are performing exactly according to expectations.

Before beginning any implementation, Globalgig develops a deeper understanding of the company its going to be working with, using site prioritization strategies to align management services with customer business requirements. Benefits of the managed service include:

  • Complete site prioritization to suit your business needs
  • Application of business-specific rules according to device and event type
  • Collection and correlation of events for insights into multiple devices
  • Complete visibility into your entire network and platform environment
  • Extensive network management tools and reports
  • Real-time views of network, device, and application status
  • Integrated views of your ecosystem across the network infrastructure
  • Zero-risk deployment via a SaaS model
  • Single point of contact and accountability for your networking needs

On top of all that, you also get the resilient infrastructure of the Globalgig team, created to deliver world class support to all kinds of business environment.

Achieving Global Flexibility with Globalgig

Customers of Globalgig SDWAN implementations can take advantage of the worldwide carrier relationships of the brand to help with lowering service costs, operating expenses, and vendor management efforts. From a continuity perspective, customers also have access to wireless WAN services in over 200 countries, with a patented multi-carrier SIM card.

The Globalgig Wireless WAN service is also globally available for SDWAN failover, or central connectivity in hard-to-reach locations, so you’ll always have access to the network functionality you need where you need it most.