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Fortinet SDWAN: A Leader in SDWAN Services


The SDWAN market is growing at incredible rate. Demand for Software-Defined Wide Area Networking increased by around 35% in 2021 alone, according to some studies, with a record revenue of more than $2 billion.

Companies are embracing SDWAN for its flexibility and high levels of control in an increasingly software-focused, and cloud-oriented landscape. Vendors like Fortinet, one of the most significant companies in the SDWAN space as of 2021, are helping brands to leverage the benefits of SDWAN rapidly and effectively in their digital transformation.

Offering the world’s only ASIC-accelerated SDWAN, Fortinet sets itself apart from crowds of alternative companies in today’s evolving landscape. The Fortinet SDWAN technology even earned a position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2021 WAN Edge infrastructure and ranked number one out of 3 of 5 use cases in the companion report for critical capabilities.

Let’s take a closer look at what Fortinet SDWAN can do.

Secure and Reliable SDWAN Performance

SDWAN from Fortinet is compelling for a range of reasons. The company promises access to more than 5000 applications, empowered by real-time SSL inspection, as well as self-healing capabilities for an enhanced user experience. With Fortinet SDWAN, you can also leverage a cloud on-ramp service for empowering rapid SaaS adoption.

Perhaps the most enticing element of Fortinet SDWAN, however, is the company’s focus on security-driven networking. Fortinet has a long-standing history in the security environment. The SDWAN infrastructure offered by the team tightly integrates the security architecture and network infrastructure of an organization, enabling networks to perform and transform at scale, without compromising on security.

This next-gen approach to SDWAN provides a more consistent level of security enforcement across a multitude of flexible perimeters by combining next-gen firewalls with advanced SDWAN networking opportunities. The scheme also eliminates MPLS-required backhauling for traffic, to enhance user experience in the end-to-end network environment.

The Core Components of Fortinet SDWAN

Fortinet SDWAN solutions are fast, reliable, scalable, and flexible, with an increased focus on security in the cloud. Perfect for global enterprises, the next-generation firewall and advanced routing capabilities of Fortinet SDWAN are second to none. Some of the components of the SDWAN ecosystem offered by Fortinet include:

  • FortiGate: A broad portfolio of solutions available in different deployment options to suit business needs. The FortiGate offering reduces the cost and complexity of implementing SDWAN with next-generation firewalls, advanced routing, and ASIC acceleration of overlay tunnels, steering, and application identification.
  • FortiOS: The unified operating system from Fortinet delivers a security-focused strategy to enhance and accelerate user experience and network performance. Tools include real-time application optimisation, advanced next-gen firewall protection and prevention from threats across the attack service, and dynamic cloud connectivity and security.
  • Fabric management centre: The Fabric Management Centre delivers simplified and centralized management, deployment, and automation to save time and allow for quick responses to business demands with end-to-end visibility. Within this environment, users can centrally manage hundreds of thousands of devices, including firewalls, access points, switches, and extenders from one console. You can even leverage automation enabled by REST APIs and manage domains leveraging ADOMS.
  • FortiGuard Security Services: Part of what makes SDWAN from Fortinet so compelling, the FortiGuard Security Services. These solutions enhance SDWAN security with advanced protection to assist organisations in staying ahead of sophisticated threats. Real-time insights are available with access to extensive amounts of data. You can also unlock real-time threat detection and prevention against a range of risks.

The Benefits of SDWAN with Fortinet

The Fortinet secure SDWAN ecosystem empowers business leaders to leverage all the benefits of a more versatile connectivity landscape, without taking security risks. The application-driven approach of the ecosystem provides a broad and effective solution or application steering. You can also expect accurate identification of applications, advanced WAN remediation, accelerated cloud on-ramping and more, for amazing app performance.

Additionally, companies can leverage the industry’s only purpose-built solution with ASIC power, enabling thin-edge and WAN edge solutions with security for all applications, users, and data wherever they are. The Fortinet SDWAN solution simplifies operations in the modern business environment with a centralised space for network orchestration, and state-of-the-art analytics for SDWAN deployment at scale.

What’s more, the native built-in firewall combines SDWAN and security capabilities in an all-in-one environment to preserve the protection of the network without compromising on availability and performance. For many business leaders, it’s the perfect all-in-one approach.

Fortinet is moving in the direction of many SASE solution providers by harnessing the value of SDWAN combined with other features and services to make connections more efficient and secure. The unique ecosystem offered by Fortinet has helped it to become one of the SDWAN leaders making up 80% of the market share today.

Unlocking the Power of Fortinet SDWAN

As demand for SDWAN continues to grow, companies need to ensure they’re leveraging both the connectivity they need and the security their users demand with the SDWAN environment. Fortinet’s security-driven approach to SDWAN helps to set it apart from other market leaders with a next-generation approach to ensuring the security of companies wherever they are.

With Fortinet SDWAN, business leaders can unlock the power of SDWAN connections through wired and wireless access points in an increasingly flexible world. All the while, a centralised control environment allows for better compliance and policy management, while rich analytics provide behind-the-scenes insights into the business operations.

Fortinet’s powerful selection of security and connectivity solutions bundled into one innovative SDWAN solution promises a fantastic new solution for businesses in the midst of their digital transformation strategy. With Fortinet, companies can leverage everything from dynamic cloud connectivity to advanced firewall threat protection and prevention in one space.