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Colt Technology Services: Excellent SDWAN


Choosing the ideal SDWAN provider is a critical part of ensuring you can leverage the full potential of this rapidly growing landscape. Demand for SDWAN is increasing at an incredible rate, rising by around 35% in 2021 alone, as companies search for more flexible networking solutions.

With the right SDWAN ecosystem, businesses can prepare themselves for an ever-evolving environment defined by the cloud, hybrid work, and a rising focus on “as a service” solutions. Colt Technology Services, one of the market leaders in networking technology, offers a powerful option for those in search of the perfect SDWAN investment.

Colt’s SDWAN environment is designed to put flexibility first, with an NFV-based service with built-in elasticity and fully-automated configuration options. Here’s what you can expect if you consider implementing SDWAN with Colt Technology Services.

Colt Technology Services SDWAN Options

Colt offers SDWAN solutions to suit a wide range of business requirements. The flexible service is customised to suit individual company needs, with a host of useful features built into every offering. For instance, all customers can expect access to an intuitive customer portal, where they can configure single or multiple devices quickly and easily for remote team members.

With Colt, it’s easy to turn new locations on in a matter of minutes, with zero-touch provisioning, and customers can manage their service easily, adding new branch sites or upgrading bandwidth in real-time. All the while, you get an award-winning level of customer service, and security connectivity with high-level encryption for your entire network.

Recently, Colt also announced its decision to bolster its SDWAN proposition even further with he introduction of SDWAN 2.0. This upgraded service, introduced in 2020, aims to address the rapidly changing needs of companies dealing with new challenges as a result of the pandemic.

The SDWAN 2.0 experience aimed to provide a more flexible, agile, and transparent network underlay for teams dealing with the issues of the pandemic, as well as offering the foundations for long-term stability.

Colt also offers a host of other advanced tools as part of its comprehensive portfolio, including multi-cloud SDWAN connections and a range of premium managed network services designed to connect customers securely to all kinds of cloud and internet environments.

Colt SDWAN 2.0 Features

Built to empower companies in the evolving network landscape, Colt Technology Systems’ SDWAN 2.0 is the all-in-one service for companies in search of a secure, reliable, and dynamic network edge. If your employees are becoming increasingly reliant on cloud applications to enable remote and hybrid work, the Colt SDWAN offering is perfect for your needs.

This SDWAN offering comes with a leading WAN optimisation suite, where users can easily and quickly make changes to their ecosystem in no times, as well as advanced firewall enhancements, and enhanced network insights. The boost to the SDWAN reporting and security features is particularly important for today’s companies concerned about the various connections to their ecosystem coming from locations all over the world.

The WAN optimisation suite included with every COLT SDWAN deployment deploys a range of packet cloning features and Forward Error Correction techniques to assist end users in experiencing better-quality interactions with mission-critical applications.

At the same time, the enhanced security at the network edge environment (SASE) offers three-tier security across a customer’s LAN, WAN, and DMZ environment. The SASE ecosystem can also offer integrated DDoS and Dynamic NAT defences.

An advanced analytics platform, powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, empowers customers to access a greater level of granularity via reporting. What’s more, Colt’s self-install CPE features means you can scale your SDWAN services quickly and effectively, minimising the costs of upgrading your network environment.

Are Colt SDWAN Services Right for You?

Since its launch, the Colt Technology Services company has achieved exceptional growth through a consistent commitment to innovative and reliable customer service. With a focus on leveraging the latest pioneering tools for managed WAN services, Colt’s technology helps businesses to unlock all the potential of digital transformation, with minimal risks.

Combining the reach and scale of Colt’s powerful IQ network with an ever-evolving set of features means Colt has created a fantastic market-leading solution for customers from all environments. The service allows customers to accelerate their transition into the next stage of network connectivity.

Colt has been investing consistently in SDWAN for the past few years and has been one of the brands on the cutting edge of the industry as the technology has emerged as a true enabler for business success. The company plans on continuing to invest in a range of solutions for SDWAN customers, including the powerful SDWAN multi-cloud service, which allows users to access a single connection to reach various cloud service providers via SDWAN.

Colt also has its own VoIP optimisation and support service for IPv6 which is supported by SDWAN Technology.

If you’re looking for a market-leader in SDWAN innovation, with a strong strategy for future growth, Colt Technology Services could be the perfect solution for you.