Our Voice portfolio delivers reliable and affordable carrier and enterprise business grade services to enterprises, we can provide:


With SIP Trunking you simplify all your telecommunications into a single IP network. You keep all the features of traditional telephony, and call quality, while gaining a monthly cost saving as high as 50%.Benefits Include – Ease of Use, Reliable, Flexible & Cost Savings Over Traditional ISDN.


ISDN is on stop sell for most carriers across Europe and if your business currently uses this service you should be considering your options sooner rather than later. At Primetel we can offer a hybrid service which gives you all the benefits of an IP based phone service but still presents as a traditional ISDN 30 (PRI).

Benefits Include – Soft transition to IP without replacing PBX, Easy Upgrade Options & Cost savings.

hosted-telephonyHosted Telephony

If you are still relying on a traditional PBX in your organisation, it could be time to consider moving to a hosted solution to realise all the benefits that cloud-based telephony has to offer.

Hosted telephony is a telephone system that resides in the cloud rather than in your office. Users access the system through a standard IP handset or a softphone – a screen-based virtual phone with headset.

Benefits Include – Lower Hardware & Servicing Costs, Scalability, Business Continuity, Number Retention & Voice Quality.

non-geo-numbersNon-Geographic Numbers

A non-geographic number is a type of telephone number that is not linked to any specific locality. Such numbers are an alternative to the traditional ‘landline’ numbers that are assigned geographically using a system of location-specific area codes.


Interactive voice response (IVR) is a technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad.

contact-centreContact Centre

A contact center system is a computer-based system that provides call and contact routing for high-volume telephony transactions, with specialist answering “agent” stations and a sophisticated real-time contact management system. The definition includes all contact centre systems that provide inbound contact handling capabilities and automatic contact distribution, combined with a high degree of sophistication in terms of dynamic contact traffic management.

Benefits include – Greater staff productivity, Higher Customer Satisfaction, Greater Customer Retention & Improved Profitability.