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Data Networking


Exceptional connectivity is crucial for all businesses in today’s digitally transforming world. Wavelength services enable companies to unlock the benefits of high bandwidth gigabit ethernet network connections, easily configurable on a carrier’s network.With Wavelength solutions, organisations can take advantage of new market opportunities, and meet the challenges posed by rising bandwidth demands and requirements.


Software Defined – Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN)

Software Defined Wide Area Networking, or “SDWAN” services provide companies with access to a virtual WAN architecture, supporting a range of transport services for connecting users and applications. Using SDWAN, companies can programmatically configure and manage the essential connections between networks, using a centralized ecosystem.In today’s evolving connectivity landscape, SDWAN offers broader control over network traffic management, greater agility, and improved productivity.


Multi Carrier Data SIM

Perfect for expanding businesses, a multi-carrier data SIM allows you to maintain internet connectivity on the move in a range of different web-connected devices. With these intuitive tools, you can ensure you stay connected with redundant coverage in various countries worldwide. Plus, you can leverage advanced features like intelligent network selection to optimize your IoT and mobile connectivity based on your budget or requirements.


Internet Access (DIA)

Reliable internet access is essential for every business in today’s digital world. When it comes to ensuring better speeds, greater dependability, and higher performance levels than standard broadband, few things compete with the value of DIA, Dedicated Internet Access. With this dedicated leased line internet service, you can instantly accelerate your connectivity, empower your employees, and deliver better experiences to your customers.


Wide Area Network (WAN)

A Wide Area Network (WAN) solution is a must-have part of any business technology stack. The WAN ecosystem is the technology that connects business data centres, offices, cloud applications and storage, in a single environment. WAN connections eliminate the restrictions of restrictive LAN connectivity, and empower businesses to evolve, expand, and scale through the cloud.


Dedicated Cloud Access

The cloud is at the heart of virtually every digital transformation effort among business leaders today. Dedicated cloud access servers give you comprehensive control over your cloud ecosystem, allowing you to build your own pool of virtual resources, based on your unique needs. With Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) you can unlock a superior public cloud network experience, improve team productivity, and minimise latency.


Dark Fibre

Discover the benefits of adding dark fibre to your network topography for a scalable, reliable, and secure way to enhance your connectivity infrastructure. Dark fibre provides businesses with a dedicated, unmonitored fibre path between two locations.


Bandwidth on-Demand

Bandwidth on Demand or “BOND” is a data communication solution capable of providing companies with instant, flexible bandwidth capacity to suit any traffic demands. Mostly utilised in WAN ecosystems, this technology helps organisations unlock customised connectivity solutions in an evolving digital world. Bandwidth on Demand presents a new opportunity for businesses to grow and reduce their connectivity requirements according to their requirements, at any time. Discover the power of true flexibility for your business bandwidth.