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Wide Area Network (WAN)

Data Networking

A Wide Area Network (WAN) solution is a must-have part of any business technology stack. The WAN ecosystem is the technology that connects business data centres, offices, cloud applications and storage, in a single environment.

WAN connections eliminate the restrictions of restrictive LAN connectivity, and empower businesses to evolve, expand, and scale through the cloud.

Exploring WAN Technologies

Without WAN technologies, organisations would be restricted to specific areas and regions. While LAN allows organisations to work within their buildings, growing connectivity to cover outside areas, cities, and countries simply isn’t possible.

WAN solutions allow companies to support communications between devices, branches, and technologies in a scaling environment However, implementing WAN technologies can be complex without the right support. Companies need help to choose the right types of connections from leased lines and tunnelling options, to SD-WAN solutions.

Plus, expert support is necessary to set up crucial WAN protocols, such as TCP/IP, asynchronous transfer, frame relay and more.

The Benefits of WAN Solutions

As organisations grow, evolve, and scale, WAN solutions allow their technology infrastructure to evolve. When employees travel for work, WANs allow them to access the information they need on the move.

Additionally, WAN technologies give businesses the freedom to explore the benefits of the cloud. With WAN services, companies can access a host of benefits, including:

  • Traffic flow management

    Companies can minimize the amount of data sent over a network with traffic flow management strategies, reducing network demands.

  • Protocol acceleration

    WAN solution providers can use protocol acceleration to lower the number of data packets on a network.

  • Network segmentation

    With the right WAN solutions, companies can simplify the management of networks and connections, even improving security.

  • Reduced complexity and costs

    Companies can leverage intelligent WAN solutions to reduce their network costs without compromising on flexibility.

  • Improved scalability

    With WAN, organisations can ensure their connectivity solutions scale to address the changing demands of their teams.

How PrimeTel Can Help

At PrimeTel, we work with leading connectivity companies to provide organisations with access to the best WAN services and optimisation solutions available. We can work with you to create a more flexible, cost-effective network, without the complexity.

Contact PrimeTel to learn more about our WAN services today.

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