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Third Party Maintenance

Sustainable IT

Extend the value and lifespan of your critical assets with intuitive third party maintenance. Our third party maintenance services can push the lifecycle of hardware past standard EOSL and OEM dates, ensuring you can continue to utilize your most valuable assets for as long as possible.

Partnering with PrimeTel gives you the opportunity to boost the longevity and sustainability of your equipment, maximizing value and performance with no disruption to business activity.

The Power of Third Party Maintenance

Legacy equipment in any business environment can incur significant costs over time, particularly as original equipment manufacturers stop providing first-party support for critical tools and solutions. With third party maintenance solutions for storage, server, and networking systems, companies can expand the lifespan of their critical assets, and access value for longer.

Innovative third party maintenance contracts don’t impede existing OEM agreements, and ensure business leaders can rapidly access technician support at the touch of a button. Professionals can even visit your site to provide real-time rapid assistance when errors occur.

The Benefits of Third Party Maintenance

Investing in third party maintenance services is an excellent way for business leaders to access a higher level of ROI from their existing assets and technology. With the right services, you can access expertise and support whenever you need it, for continued productivity and performance.

Benefits of third party maintenance include:

  • Cost savings

    Third party maintenance services are often far less expensive than purchasing and installing new equipment. They can also be considerably cheaper than accessing specialist OEM support, while still giving you the same level of technical guidance.

  • Expertise

    Technicians are available to support companies with all forms of assets, from server and storage solutions to legacy business equipment. Technicians can deliver support both on-site and remotely, to suit every business need.

  • Flexibility

    With third party maintenance, companies can adapt their service strategy to suit their needs, accessing global assistance across all time zones and languages. What’s more, support is delivered from a single provider, for easier budget management.

How PrimeTel Can Help

Partnering with Procurri’s Third Party Maintenance team, PrimeTel provides business leaders with access to a reliable and supportive source of ongoing assistance. Whether you need hands-on technical support for critical business equipment, or help maintaining legacy tools, we can help.

Contact the PrimeTel team today to discuss your third party maintenance options.

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