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SIP Trunking

Voice Communication

SIP trunking is a voice-over internet protocol (VoIP) technology, and solution for streaming media based on the Session Initiation Protocol.

It essentially creates a virtual link between your PBX and broadband internet connection, giving you new ways to optimise and enhance your voice infrastructure. With SIP technology, you can prepare your business for the next generation of IP-based telephony.

The Growing Demand for SIP Trunking

PTSN and ISDN lines are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Throughout the worlds, countries are switching off their old telephony systems, and pushing companies to embrace the advent of the internet. Switching to a SIP trunking strategy can help future-proof your business strategy.

With the right SIP trunking providers, you can easily transition your on-premises PBX system into the cloud, consolidating communication systems, saving money, and improving scalability.

What’s more, a SIP trunking solution ensures your business can take advantage of new innovations in the digital world, creating an end-to-end unified communications system for employee productivity, and enabling mobility.

The Benefits of SIP Trunking

SIP trunking services deliver a range of benefits to evolving companies. You can use them to consolidate your communication systems, using the same IP-based networks for various kinds of data transmission. Plus, SIP trunking offers exceptional call quality, with minimal risk of downtime, lag, and packet loss during calls around the world.

The benefits of SIP trunking include:

  • Versatility

    Create a local presence with customers around the world using geographic numbers that support long-distance calls.

  • Cost savings

    Reduce the expenses associated with traditional phone lines, and achieve a rapid return on your investment, with increases in productivity and reach.

  • Scalability

    Your potential to grow has no limits with SIP trunking. You’ll no longer need to buy local PSTN lines, and you can evolve easily as your business changes.

  • Mobility

    Empower your employees to stay productive wherever they are in the world, with access to internet-based calling solutions that can route calls to mobile devices.

  • Simplicity

    Reduce the demand on your IT team with a system that’s simple to manage and control. SIP trunking even offers excellent protection and security features.

How PrimeTel can Help

At PrimeTel, we work with leading SIP trunking suppliers to help you digitally transform your business communication system. Our global network can manage everything on your behalf, reducing operational costs, and driving higher levels of efficiency.

Plus, with a host of in-country capabilities, we can help you to develop a local presence anywhere in the world.

Contact PrimeTel today to learn more about our SIP trunking services.

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