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Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Cyber Security

SASE, or Secure Access Service Edge services are emerging as one of the most powerful security concepts for the modern age. SASE converges wide area networking with security services like FWaaS, Zero Trust networking, and CASB, into a single cloud-delivered service model.

With a SASE solution, businesses can access the flexibility and agility they need to build a comprehensive security strategy for the evolving digital age.

Overcoming Network Security Limitations

Creating a secure environment in today’s digital world is a challenging process. Old-fashioned network security solutions are no longer suitable to support today’s cloud-based teams. SASE helps to eliminate this issue. SASE solutions reduce the costs and complexities associated with implementing comprehensive security strategies.

They can minimize appliance sprawl, with a single software stack to reduce Capex and Opex costs. Plus, SASE solutions improve security with consistent policy enforcement, even in evolving business environments. Cloud-delivered SASE gives business a scalable architecture they can use to enable digital transformation, increase IT staff effectiveness, boost visibility, and reduce risk.

The Benefits of Secure Access Service Edge Solutions

Embracing the SASE model for network security delivers a host of benefits to business leaders. First, companies can reduce cost and complexity, with fewer multi-point security products to manage. This also reduces the strain on IT and security teams.

SASE solutions also offer:

  • Flexibility

    With a cloud-based infrastructure, companies can implement security solutions like web filtering, threat prevention, data loss prevention, and next-generation firewall policies, according to their specific needs.

  • Improved security

    SASE restricts broad network access, mitigating lateral movement during a hacker breach, and preserving consistent policy enforcement. SASE also provides support for risk profiling, inline encryption/decryption, and zero trust policies.

  • Increased performance

    The right SASE solutions give companies complete visibility and control over their network environment, improving performance and centralising orchestration, for an enhanced security team.

  • Support for digital transformation

    SASE brings security to the user, providing an optimal user experience for today’s digital teams. It enables access to a full security stack across mobile devices, cloud platforms, and more.

  • Data protection and compliance

    A SASE solution also enhances compliance with centralised role-based management, extensive data protection, and automated detection of traffic and network threats.

How PrimeTel Can Help

Finding the right SASE provider is crucial to ensuring you can unlock the full benefits of this new security framework. At PrimeTel, we work with industry leaders to deliver phenomenal security and SASE solutions to businesses of all industries and sizes.

Contact PrimeTel today to find your ideal SASE vendor.

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