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IT Asset Disposition

Sustainable IT

Disposing of outdated and redundant IT equipment can be complicated, particularly when you’re striving to comply with data protection and e-waste disposal regulations. IT Asset Disposition, or “ITAD”, helps organisations from all industries to dispose of IT equipment, erasing residual data, and avoiding landfill overflow securely and sustainably.

Sustainable and Secure IT Asset Disposal

As companies continue to digitally transform, investing in new products and solutions to empower their teams, legacy equipment quickly becomes outdated and unnecessary. Unfortunately, disposing of these items according to the sustainability and security guidelines in your region can be complex.

IT Asset Disposition companies, such as Procurri, can work with organisations to transport assets to secure locations, destroy customer data, and ensure products are recycled in accordance with WEEE, R3, and other e-Standards guidelines.

Each asset is tracked by serial number, and pertinent information is recorded throughout the disposal lifecycle, providing peace of mind to business leaders.

The Benefits of ITAD Services

Today’s businesses are expected to adhere to stringent regulations and guidelines when disposing of electronic equipment and IT assets. ITAD services ensure you can leverage an efficient solution for asset disposal, that extends the life of crucial equipment. Benefits include:

  • Sustainability

    Leading ITAD companies adhere to the best practices of the industry to ensure materials are recycled and processed to minimise landfill waste. This helps business leaders to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment.

  • Increased value

    Innovative ITAD companies can work with vendors to extend the ROI of their used equipment. End-of-life IT assets can be recycled and re-used, opening up additional avenues of revenue for business leaders.

  • Security

    An ITAD vendor will efficiently manage and track each asset, destroying any private or confidential information completely before recycling. This ensures businesses can protect themselves from potential breaches and non-compliance with security guidelines.

How PrimeTel Can Help

PrimeTel works with leading ITAD service providers such as Procurri, to help every organisation leverage a sustainable and secure strategy for asset disposal. We provide full chain of custody management, audit and government-approved data sanitation and ROI strategies to support every business, regardless of their size or needs.

Reach out to PrimeTel today to explore our ITAD options.

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