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NICE CX Solutions: What You Can Expect


NICE is one of the most reputable CX solution providers in the world today. Named a “Leader” in the Magic Quadrant reports for both Robotic Process Autoamtion and Contact Center as a Service, NICE delivers innovative technologies to businesses hoping to excel at customer satisfaction.

The company has built a reputation for itself as a pioneer in delivering forward-thinking products, ideal for the modern age of customer service.

With NICE technologies, companies can enhance both customer and employee experiences at the same time, with scalable technologies built for the agile cloud landscape. Not only does NICE provide companies with one of the most versatile CCaaS solutions on the market, but it also offers a host of complementary tools, revolving around areas like self-service, journey orchestration, workforce management, analytics, and AI.

Let’s take a closer look at what NICE has to offer.

The NICE Portfolio: Innovative CX Solutions

NICE offers a range of powerful products for business leaders, focused primarily on the “Customer Experience” landscape. At the heart of the portfolio is the NICE CXOne platform, a comprehensive all-in-one solution for digital customer experience and business interactions.

However, companies can also leverage NICE services to tackle challenges with Robotic Process Automation, digital transformation in the cloud, analytics, journey orchestration, and workforce engagement. Here are the main pillars of the NICE portfolio:

NICE CXOne: The Complete CXi Platform

NICE CXOne is the heart of the NICE product portfolio. The comprehensive platform combines smart self service and journey orchestration, with agent empowerment tools, complete performance insights and omnichannel customer support.

The CXOne platform focuses on the idea that customer experiences are becoming increasingly digital, and businesses are dealing with more complex conversations all the time. With the CXOne open cloud platform, NICE aims to support business leaders in boosting workforce productivity, strengthening customer satisfaction levels, and improving efficiency. Core components of the platform include:

  • Conversational AI and chatbots: Build your own chatbot from scratch or embed your existing AI solutions into your CX strategy.
  • Comprehensive knowledge base: Make it easier for employees to find the information they need with a unified environment for digital insights.
  • Intelligent conversations: Bring contextual insights into conversations from CRM technology, and start more personalized conversations with consumers.
  • Proactive engagement: Remove friction in the customer journey by proactively delivering the right guidance on both web and mobile apps.
  • Interactive Voice Response: Improve routing, accelerate resolution rates and cut costs with interactive voice self-service solutions.
  • Self-service analytics: Collect meaningful insights into self-service journeys with comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools.

NICE Journey Orchestration

The journey orchestration tools from NICE are designed to help companies create highly personalized and unique interactions across every channel. By providing agents with real-time insights into customer history, context, and behavior, companies can strengthen their customer service strategies, and improve satisfaction scores. The journey orchestration tools include:

  • Automatic Contact Distribution to send customers to the most qualified agent instantly
  • Multiple interaction channels, with insights across digital and voice networks
  • Predictive dialling to generate more revenue and reduce hang-ups
  • Enlighten AI routing, to assist in smoother connections between agents and clients
  • Chat functionality with two-way conversations used proactively or on-demand
  • Chatbots with intelligent insights to power self-service
  • Messaging functionality for SMS and MMS interactions

NICE Workforce Engagement

NICE is one of the many digital companies in the communications market today increasing their focus on the importance of “total experience”. The company believes when agents have the most powerful tools at their fingertips, they’ll be able to drive higher levels of customer satisfaction. The NICE Workforce engagement tools include support for:

  • Workforce management: Anticipate business needs with forecasting and scheduling which helps to keep SLAs up and expenses down.
  • Quality management: Insightful analytics and AI-driven agent feedback and coaching
  • Contact center omnichannel recording: Easily capture all contact center requirements for both compliance and training purposes.
  • Sales performance management: Automate sales strategies at scales with incentives, quota management and performance pay
  • Contact center performance management: Track crucial business goals and deliver persona-based coaching and gamification.
  • Automation: Quick and accurate RPA bots designed to boost output and capacity
  • Real-time monitoring: Help agents improve their performance with live supervisor monitoring and tips

NICE CX Analytics

Consistently improving your CX strategy means keeping a close eye on the KPIs and metrics that are critical to your business. Fortunately, NICE delivers exceptional CX Analytics to help business leaders and employees make better business decisions. The “Enlighten AI” system comes with powerful AI models, purpose-built to improve CX results. Features include:

  • Interaction analytics: Examine every interaction to understand operational trends and agent performance, then uncover what drives business outcomes.
  • Customer journey analytics: Examine customer behavior across touchpoints, and ensure every experience is as effortless as possible.
  • Business Intelligence: Get in-depth operational insights with reporting and interactive dashboards. There is more than 200+ KPIs to track and explore.
  • Voice of the Customer: Unlock powerful customer insights direct from your clients.
  • Performance Analytics: Track which metrics are contributing amazing employee performance, with no coding or data specialists.

NICE Robotic Process Automation

As an official “Leader” in the RPA landscape, NICE delivers a fantastic range of Robotic Process Automation tools. With intelligent bots from NICE, companies can expand their workforce, solve more issues, and drive better results while keeping costs low. The RPA solutions offered by NICE include:

  • Virtual attendant: Give every employee access to the NEVA virtual attendant bot
  • Automation: Rapidly use RPA bots to increase throughput and capacity
  • Automation discovery: Quickly identify the best processes with potential for automation
  • World-class design: Create complex unattended and attended workflows from scratch

NICE Open Cloud Platform

The NICE open cloud platform helps companies to securely scale and customize their operations, using a convenient DEVone developer program, and REST APIs. Companies can deploy seamless customizations, as well as pre-built integrations in no time, to enhance the functionality of their customer experience tools and cloud platforms. The cloud platform promises:

  • Excellent uptime and security: The Trust Office ensure NICE continues to deliver phenomenal uptime without compromising on security.
  • CRM integrations: Link insights directly from your CRM into your contact center, to give your agents more context.
  • UCaaS integrations: Help your team members connect and collaborate with CXOne Unified Communication integrations.
  • Marketplace apps: Access a range of powerful applications made by NICE developer partners in the CXExchange marketplace.
  • REST APIs: Create your own custom applications and integrations using the same REST APIs used to build NICE applications.
  • Voice as a Service: Connect customers and agents with quality-optimized data and voice services.

The NICE open cloud is also FedRAMP compliant, to provide business leaders with complete peace of mind.

The Power of the NICE Ecosystem

The comprehensive NICE portfolio offers business leaders an incredible opportunity to invest in the “Total Experience” landscape, improving both employee and customer interactions at the same time. NICE has built its solutions around a focus on helping organizations to address today’s employee and customer expectations, so every brand can deliver effortless, personalized, and consistent experiences.

NICE operates in 30 countries around the globe, and has one of the biggest partner networks in the world. What’s more, the company’s consistent commitment to innovation means its portfolio is always evolving and improving.

If you’re looking to partner with a true innovator on your CX strategy, NICE could be the perfect vendor for your CCaaS needs.