Simplifying how people interact with each other and the world around them to drive meaningful insight, deeper relationships and better outcomes for all has helped LogMeIn grow to become one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies with a leadership position in every one of our markets.

With a platform that supports tens of millions of daily users, over a billion customer interactions and twenty billion voice minutes per year, they have not only capitalized on but helped invent the modern way of working – flexible, dispersed, mobile, efficient and productive.

The easy-to-use products are adopted by professionals and leveraged by small to medium-sized businesses the world over who are looking for increased insight into their customers’ journeys, simpler internal and external collaboration, and a more empowered workforce

Feature-rich unified communications
Enterprise-grade PBX and over 100
telephony features powered by Jive.
Phones and meetings combined
Single application for cloud VoIP, screen
sharing, video conferencing and more.

Top-rated mobile apps
Seamless meetings on the go with
commuter mode, voice commands and
cloud recording.
Admin centre
One place for full control, including
provisioning, single sign-on and
meeting analytics.
Calendar plugins
Microsoft Office 365 & G Suite
plugins for easy scheduling right
from your calendar.

Easy Set-up
Create events in minutes with our
webinar templates and unique webinar
modes to fit every needs.
Quality Engagement
Video, polls, Q&A and other interactive
features to keep audiences hooked.
Rich Analytics
Instant insights on registrants, attendees,
attendee behavior and more.

Turnkey installation
Everything in one simple kit so you can
get up and running in minutes.
Industry-leading integrations
Customize your GoToRoom experience by
choosing Poly or Dolby hardware for truly
best-in-breed meetings.
User-friendly interface
Intuitive, touch-panel controls that users
can successfully meet with on the first try.

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