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Dialpad: An Introduction


Dialpad, a company committed to creating next-level communication solutions for both internal and external interactions, has a host of solutions to offer digitally-transforming brands. Named a visionary by the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS in 2022, and constantly positioned as a market leader in a multitude of G2 surveys, Dialpad has made a significant mark on the communications space.

The company built its portfolio around a focus on developing truly ground-breaking, and inherently unified products. Wone of the things that makes Dialpad such a pioneer in its field, is its commitment to leveraging next-level disruptive technology in its tools.

With Dialpad, companies of all sizes can infuse their communications stack with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and next-level analytics.

Today, we’re taking a brief look at two of the core elements of Dialpad’s phenomenal portfolio: customer engagement, and business communications.

Dialpad Customer Engagement Solutions

The Dialpad “Customer Engagement” portfolio is a suite of products designed to transform the way companies connect with their target audience. Built with artificial intelligence at the heart, the Customer Engagement platform allows business leaders to leverage intelligent tools for reducing agent friction, improving customer service, and enhancing business results.

With Dialpad’s Customer Engagement platform, companies can build an innovative approach to CCaaS and CX, with anywhere, anytime services across any traditional or digital channel. There are intelligent self-service systems, and companies also gain access to a comprehensive collaborative workplace, where agents can access knowledge centres, and work with subject matter experts.

The core components of the Dialpad Customer Engagement suite include:

The Dialpad AI Contact Center:

Designed to be the world’s most advanced AI contact center, Dialpad’s CCaaS solution is an easy-to-deploy and setup solution for customer engagement. The omnichannel environment helps to facilitate better customer relationships and agent workflows with real-time coaching and AI transcriptions, as well as a unified interface for both digital and voice transactions.

Within the contact centre, companies can build intelligent self-service solutions for modern consumers, and engage their audience across countless channels, from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp. There’s even support for building automated workflows to boost agent efficiency, and integrated workforce engagement and management tools for hybrid and remote teams. The Dialpad contact centre also works with a host of other tools such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, and Slack.

Dialpad AI Sales

The Dialpad AI Sales environment aims to keep outbound teams one step ahead with valuable tools like live AI coaching, real-time assistance, and sentiment analysis. The AI assistant connects sellers to the information they need in real-time, to help them close deals and address objections. The system also includes QA scorecards, sentiment analysis, and in-call modes like “listen-in” and “barge-in”.

Built-in CRM integrations allow agents to rapidly access the information they need to personalize sales, and the system also automatically logs calls and transcripts from conversations. Plus, a host of advanced analytics makes it easy to track everything from leaderboards to sales performance, call volume, and objection levels in the outbound call centre.

Digital, Self-Service and AI CSAT tools

For Digital Customer Engagement, Dialpad’s technology empowers companies to access any channel they choose to interact with agents. Users can quickly add new platforms to their system, and automate complex, multi-step self-service interactions in seconds. The no-code visual workflows make it simple to manage information across every channel, and escalate self-service interactions to live agents when necessary.

Speaking of self-service, users can create their own dedicated bots with absolutely no coding required, accessing information from their own ticketing systems, CRMs, and website to populate the bot’s intelligence. The machine learning algorithms ensure the tools are always getting better too. Plus, Dialpad also supports access to a host of valuable reporting and analytics functions, including the ability to rapidly collect data about CSAT scores across channels.

Dialpad Business Communications

For companies in search of a solution for UCaaS and collaboration, Dialpad offers its “Business Communications” portfolio. This ecosystem supports brands in connecting everyone in their workforce with calling, messaging and meeting, as well as AI integrations.

The Dialpad Business Communications environment comes with access to AI voice, allowing users to take calls from anywhere with endless flexibility, scalability, and cost-saving opportunities built-in. There’s also AI-enhanced messaging, with an all-in-one environment where team members can share ideas with indivduals and groups in seconds.

Dialpad Business Communications also includes access to an all-in-one meeting environment, for both audio and video conferencing. Built-in AI transcription tracks everything from conversation notes to action items. Plus, users can even receive an automatic call summary in their inbox after every meeting. The solution works on every device, anywhere, with an industry-leading 100% uptime guarantee, and the ability to integrate with a host of leading apps.

Users can connect their system to Salesforce, Zendesk, Google Workspace and more. Plus, managers gain comprehensive insights into real-time and historical analytics for call volume, usage, and adoption, across global offices.

Powering Next Level Communications with Dialpad

With a strong focus on intelligence-first communication tools, Dialpad is empowering companies to unlock new levels of innovation and growth. The company even has it’s own dedicated AI-powered customer intelligence platform, where companies can combine their UC and CCaaS needs in one easy-to-use and flexible environment.

For award-winning service and exceptional reliability, Dialpad’s services for UC and contact centres are a phenomenal choice for virtually every business leader.