No Hardware. No Software. No Cap-Ex.

The flexible architecture of the Virtual Contact Centre allows you to integrate your headquarters, remote offices, and outsourced locations in to a virtual call centre. They’ll operate seamlessly as one team and enable you to access talent outside your geography, eliminate overtime costs, and reduce overhead.

Traditionally deploying a call centre across multiple sites and geographies required long lead times, additional specialised infrastructure, and a dedicated IT staff. Through our innovative call centre software we make it fast and easy to deploy a virtual call centre solution – agents simply need a phone, an Internet connection, and a web browser to get started.

Virtual Call Centre Solutions

Because our virtual call centre solutions enable organisations to easily and cost-effectively manage multiple, geographically dispersed agents, it also helps organisations achieve business continuity and customer service resiliency in the event of a network outage, natural disaster or some other unforeseen event. In fact, companies that have dispersed operations – remote call centres and/or home-based agents spread throughout a region, country or even globally — benefit most from the virtual call centre environment.

Call Centre Software Features

  • Speech Analytics
  • CRM Integration
  • Historical Reporting
  • Multi-Channel
  • Post-Call Survey
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Skills-based Routing
  • Customer Experience
  • Provided CRM
  • CTI
  • FAQ Knowledgebase
  • IVR
  • Call Recording for Call Centres
  • Web Callback