Real time, software defined Ethernet connectivity powered by the On Demand Colt IQ Network.

Take full control of your network via a portal, bypassing legacy service delivery processes and lead times. The Colt IQ Network empowers you to flex your bandwidth requirements up and down in real time, and introduces dynamic billing, including per-hour pricing plans, as well as more traditional fixed term contract durations.

As your on demand network provider, we deliver value for many use cases, including, but not limited to: cost efficient business continuity, agile connectivity for urgent and temporary needs, bandwidth growth management, and enhancing the end-user experience in the cloud.


With our feature rich self-service portal, you gain control over your network and your costs whilst also dynamically scaling your bandwidth up or down, in line with your business needs.


On Demand Network Solutions provide real-time experience: ordering, provisioning and flexing your services in minutes and not weeks.


Only pay for the network you use on a per-hour billing model without a long term commitment.

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