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Here at PrimeTel we work with our clients on proving full audit and asset management services.


The list below shows what you can expect in a report on Data Centre auditing, infrastructure cataloguing and risk reviewing:

– Introduction, including objectives

– Management summary

– List of premises

– Security and access control overview

– UPS, generators and other electrical systems – analysis

– Mechanical and cooling systems – analysis

– Data connectivity

– Findings of Data Centre audit, including risk review

– Key recommendations

Asset Managment

  • Create, manage and report on your entire estate across multiple locations seamlessly from our single intuitive platform.
  • Easily build your Location hierarchy whatever the scale, from one office to complex global estates
  • Use the Interactive Map to drill into Locations and Assets visually
  • Create unlimited numbers of categories, fields, and location types and upload any documents and media
  • Whether you’re loading in existing data through a wizards or using a mobile companion app you can quickly collect new data, add, view, modify, check-in/out, move or remove assets with ease.
  • Add and maintain any asset field information, such as procurement, ownership, financial, condition information, there really are no limitations.
  • Attach media, such as documents, photos or any files to store and view against assets.
  • Comprehensive change history log showing time, user, action and details of update.
  • Report on data quickly and simply with the ability to customise and configure the reports you need.
  • User defined dashboard charts giving instant access to real-time data, refreshed automatically

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