Liquid infrastructure

The changing needs of the enterprise – centralisation of databases and applications, advanced collaboration,
flexible bandwidth schemes and a rapid, dynamic deployment capability are revealing a number of challenges
caused by the consequent explosion of mobile devices and content, virtualisation, and advent of cloud based voice
and data services.

Liquid Infrastructure – Whitepaper > PDF


Interflora Iberia improves quality of service and order management by relying on Colt solutions: smart network, contact centre solution and virtual switchboard with dedicated web access.

Interflora – Case Study > PDF


The cloud comes of age in capital markets – All clear for more cloud.

Cloud Adoption in Capital Markets – Whitepaper > PDF


Alpargatas Europe achieves instant 50%+ drop in voice billing. Alpargatas Europe supports the growth of its business with Colt’s VPN services.

Alpargatas – Case Study > PDF

Skills Alliance

“8×8’s Virtual Office solution was a no-brainer for us. Working on the move and
being contactable at any time is a crucial part of working in the recruitment industry.
By allowing us to work anywhere, 8×8 has allowed us to develop our remote working
capabilities and revolutionise the way our staff collaborate across the world”

Skills Alliance – Case Study > PDF


Tangent International communicates across the globe with the help of 8×8 cloud based

Tangent – Case Study > PDF