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A Guide to Genesys Customer Experience Solutions


Customer Experience has become one of the most important considerations for business leaders in any industry. Today’s consumers are more likely to purchase from a company that can promise excellent support, service, and experiences, than one with lower prices or more features.

As a result, companies are rapidly investing in new solutions designed to transform and enhance every customer interaction. Brands like Genesys are dedicated to helping organizations achieve their CX goals. A pioneer in the CCaaS and Digital Experience landscape, Genesys has earned a “Leader” position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS 8 times.

The company is also ranked #1 in 3 out of the 5 critical capabilities use cases for CX solutions outlined by Gartner. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the solutions Genesys can offer.

Genesys Cloud CX: The All-in-One CCaaS Platform

At the heart of the Genesys CX technology stack, is the powerful Genesys Cloud CX platform. This comprehensive system for customer experience provides companies with all of the tools they need to unify customer and agent experiences across social, text, voice, chat, and email channels. Case studies shared by companies already using the system showcase the potential for 94% average response rates, 20% boosts in agent productivity, and 90% first call resolution rates.

The Genesys Cloud CX platform consists of a multitude of powerful tools, focused on areas like customer and agent experience. Some of the core components of the platform include:

  • Self-service: Empower customers to solve issues themselves with speech-enabled IVR systems, infused with Natural Language Understanding. Build your own conversational voice bots to work across phone, mobile messaging, web chat and smart speakers, and cultivate a collection of AI-powered chatbots for self-service.
  • Digital channels: Interact with customers in an evolving omnichannel environment, with support for web messaging, email, SMS messaging, social media interactions and more, all in the same place. Companies can even optimise their solutions with a rich set of pre-built integrations, APIs, and the AppFoundry marketplace.
  • Voice Services: Leverage high-quality voice functionality through Genesys Cloud Voice, or bring your preferred local cloud carrier into Genesys with “BYOC”. There’s also a  DIY administration system to help companies scale their cloud environment quickly.
  • Inbound Routing: Optimize the flow of inbound communications with intelligent voicemail, and inbound voice routing technologies. Companies can also access predictive routing powered by AI, to match customers to the best possible agents, and set up call-back workflows.
  • Outbound Campaigns: Build effective outbound campaigns for sales and outreach with highly personalised automated notifications. Genesys offers inbound/outbound blending opportunities and proactive notifications to streamline interactions.
  • Workforce Engagement: Track, manage and boost service levels with employee performance tracking and gamification options. Leverage built-in resource management tools enhanced with AI to improve scheduling, and take advantage of in-depth quality assurance tools with screen and interaction recordings.
  • Unified Communications: Align internal teams with anywhere access to a comprehensive Unified Communications platform built into the CCaaS space. The Genesys Cloud CX solution comes with extensive business communication features, as well as collaboration tools for chat, video, screen sharing and file management.
  • Reporting and analytics: Track important insights with up-to-the-second real-time analytics and performance dashboards, as well as custom historical reports. You can track everything from service levels to call times, resolution rates and customer satisfaction.

On top of all that, Genesys also offers a comprehensive AppFoundry marketplace where users can find and deploy over 350 complementary apps into their CX solutions. There are various pre-built integrations to streamline processes, and companies can access a dedicated Salesforce integration too.

Beyond the Cloud CX Platform

Although the Cloud CX platform stands as the primary solution within the Genesys portfolio, it’s far from the only offering the company can provide. Genesys is also responsible for the “Pointillist” end-to-end customer journey management system. This technology, named a Leader in the Forrester Wave report, allows companies to measure, monitor, and orchestrate more effective customer journeys.

With Pointillist, companies can aggregate customer data from any source, connecting thousands of different data points into a simple environment for a comprehensive view of every customer. The system makes it easy to analyse any journey, timeframe or customer, with valuable metrics and KPIs. Plus, no-code analytics capabilities ensure companies can transform all business users into data scientists in seconds.

Using Pointillist, Genesys customers can improve customer satisfaction levels and journey outcomes, by building workflows around the key touchpoints and experiences customers interact with. What’s more, it’s all backed by Genesys’ commitment to exceptional quality, uptime and security.

Is Genesys Right for You?

The Genesys CX landscape provides companies with a multitude of powerful tools for tracking and understanding the customer journey, then building powerful experiences for the future of service. Whether you’re a small, mid-sized, or enterprise business, Genesys has packages and solutions to suit every need, and offers amazing end-to-end support for every client.

What’s more, Genesys consistently commits to delivering constant innovation, without compromising on compliance, security, and efficiency. If you think Genesys might be the right vendor for your CCaaS needs, contact Primetel today to start your transformation.